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Leamington Spa, Coventry & Warwickshire Hypnotherapy
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Church Terrace, Harbury
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
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Use the power of hypnosis & NLP to
Stop Smoking in One Hour!

Stop Smoking in Just One Hour!

Imagine being free from the clutches of cigarettes forever. Imagine breathing easier, feeling healthy and being proud of yourself for achieving something that most smokers only ever dream of - being a happy non-smoker...

  Create the figure that you've always wanted
Lose Weight the Easy Way!
Lose Fat Easily Now!

Have you struggled to lose weight and failed?  Have you tried every diet available and not been able to shed those pounds?  Read about a revolutionary new easy fat Loss and body sculpting system that will be available soon...

Lose Fat NOW!  The Easy Way...

Liberate yourself from anxiety or phobias
Find Peace & Internal Freedom 

Lighten Your Load with Analytical Hypnotherapy

Learn more about fast, permanent and effective treatment of emotional, habitual and nervous disorders using gentle and safe hypnotic therapeutic techniques...

  Children face many challenges
Help Ease Your Child's Anxieties
Help your Child Cope with Life There is a very special and unique therapy that can help resolve a number of issues that affect children and teenagers. It is very simple but can have dramatic results...
Help Your Child With Hypnotherapy
Information about Rebecca Bedford, Hypnotherapist in Leamington Spa and Warwickshire
HypnotherapY In Leamington Spa, Rugby, Coventry & Warwickshire
Rebecca Bedford dhyp Miah

Hi, I'm Rebecca Bedford and I can help you and your children to create a happier more fulfilling life

Whether you want to stop smoking easily, get back into those old clothes by losing weight, get rid of nerves before an exam/driving test, rid yourself of a deep anxiety, reduce stress in your life, increase your sports performance, have a hypno-birth with minimum pain, overcome a fear or phobia or even eliminate a sexual problem - Hypnosis is a highly effective treatment.  Especially the advanced techniques and therapies that I use.

I have studied hard over the years and become a fully qualified and vetted member of the International Association of Hypno-Analysts.  This association successfully treats a total of 250,000 clients every year - this means you are in competent, knowledgeable and safe hands!  You can trust that I can help you to resolve and overcome the problems that you are struggling with.

  two types of hypnotherapy...

Suggestion Hypnotherapy
This type of hypnotherapy is fantastic for altering habits and changing unwanted behaviour.  

Suggestion HypnotherapyIt's excellent for things like stopping smoking, losing weight, increasing sports performance, removing nerves before an exam or plane flight... In fact it can be used anywhere that a quick-fix is required, it should not be used to address deep seated emotional problems, as it does not treat the cause of the problem, but treats the symptom only.

For a more complete list of the types of suggestion therapy that I can provide click below...

Suggestion Hypnotherapy

Analytical Hypnotherapy
This kind of hypnotherapy is used for resolving deep seated issues.

Analytical HypnotherapyThere are certain ailments that won't respond to suggestion hypnotherapy - or they will only respond for a while and then go back to how they were after a short period of time. 

Analytical Hypnotherapy works by allowing you to find the root cause of a condition and release it.  Some examples of issues that can be solved through Hypno-analysis are: Phobias, Anxieties, Depression, IBS, eating disorders, migraines and many more.  To read a complete article on this amazing and unique therapy click below...

Get Rid of Emotional Problems and Nervous Disorders
Professional, Fully Qualified Hypnotherapist
  hypnotherapy ARTICLES...

Anorexic Girl Blown Away!
Read a fascinating article about a teenage girl who came to a colleague of mine for the Blow-away therapeutic technique...

Anorexic Girl Blown Away...

How I overcame my Fear of Flying!
I was terrified of flying, it would send me into a mad panic and my job was in jeopardy until I had hypnotherapy and knocked my fear of flying for six...

How I Overcame my Fear Of Flying

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There are a lot of excellent resources on the web for people interested in Hypnosis.  Below is a list of some of my favourites:

The International Association Of Hypno-Analysts.  They provide contact details of Analytical Hypnotherapists all over the world.

Rob Kelly's hypnotherapy web site.  Rob is a very experienced Hypno-Analyst based in the Cambridge area.  Rob is the head of the IAH.  He does some excellent courses that are very good value for money.

Richard Parson's hypnotherapy web site.  Richard is a supervisor in the IAH and a moderator for the Student's Forum where people studying Hypno-Analysis can get their questions answered.

A useful resource for hypnotherapy courses and royalty-free hypnotherapy backing tracks.  David does courses on things like Hypno-Birthing and Forensic Hypnosis.

Other IAH member web sites...


One hour Stop-Smoking hypnotherapists.

Some good resources for everything related to IBS.


Other useful and informative web sites.

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