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Stop Smoking in One Hour!
Stop Smoking in Just One Hour! Imagine being free from the clutches of cigarettes forever. Imagine breathing easier, feeling healthy and being proud of yourself for achieving something that most smokers only ever dream of - being a happy non-smoker...
Stop Smoking in One Hour using Hypnosis
  Liberate yourself from anxiety or phobias
Find Peace & Internal Freedom 
Lighten Your Load with Analytical Hypnotherapy Learn more about fast, permanent and effective treatment of emotional, habitual and nervous disorders using gentle and safe hypnotic therapeutic techniques...
Lighten Your Load with Analytical Hypnotherapy
  Children face many challenges
Help Ease Your Child's Anxieties
Help your Child Cope with Life There is a very special and unique therapy that can help resolve a number of issues that affect children and teenagers. It is very simple but can have dramatic results...
Help Your Child Cope With Life

Weight Management...

Just sit and think for a moment how good it will feel to be happy with your body. To look in the mirror and smile - liking what you see.

To spend your time thinking about and enjoying your day rather than obsessing about food - freeing yourself from the hold it has on you, and seeing it for what it is - nutrition not comfort.

How many of these apply to you and your relationship with food?

  • I constantly count calories
  • I know the carbohydrate content of all foods
  • I know the fat content of all foods
  • I'm either on a diet or off a diet
  • I only eat diet food
  • I feel out of control with food
  • Dieting is more important than good nutrition
  • Hunger is a constant companion
  • Hunger is a foreign feeling to me
  • I eat to prevent hunger
  • I wait until I'm extremely hungry before I eat

If several of these are very familiar to you and you're looking for some help from someone who knows how you feel, you've come to the right place.

Here at Leamington hypnosis I can help with all sorts of eating disorders:

  • Anorexia
  • Manorexia
  • Bulemia
  • Binge eating 
  • Weight loss
  • Slimming

Weight Loss and Body Sculpture...

Take a look at this questionnaire:

  1. I weigh myself daily (Yes/No) 
  2. My weight determines how I feel about myself (Yes/No) 
  3. When I discover I've gained a pound I panic (Yes/No)
  4. I want to lose weight quickly (Yes/No)
  5. My weight prevents me from achieving other goals in my life (Yes/No)
  6. I want to lose weight for my husband/significant other (Yes/No)
  7. I want to lose weight for an upcoming event (Yes/No)
  8. I want to achieve the 'ideal' body (Yes/No)
  9. I avoid mirrors and window reflections (Yes/No)
  10. I'm depressed when I look though fashion magazines (Yes/No)
  11. I avoid social events because of my weight (Yes/No)
  12. I dislike my body (Yes/No)

[From 'Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell' by Debra Waterhouse]

In my experience most women answer yes to half of these statements. So if you did you're not alone. Now I want you to think about someone who is anorexic [whether you know someone personally or just know of the condition through things you've seen in the media].

Look back at these same statements again. How would the anorexic girl answer, what would she be thinking?

She would answer yes to all of them - and she would be more extreme with all of them than any weight loss client I've ever met.

Losing weight is about how you feel about yourself!

Imagine if I could flip a switch in your head and get you out of the diet mentality, the hunger and going without, the "only 2 more weeks / 6 more pounds to go then I can finish this diet" thinking, the deprivation followed by the pigging out, the "I've been good all week so I'm going to be 'naughty' on my girl's night": whether that's chocolate; wine or ice-cream.

Look at your skinny friends - they can eat a chocolate biscuit without terrible guilt pangs. But they will eat 1 or 2 not the whole packet. They do have an 'off switch' and so can you when we put you back in touch with your body. This is so easy with hypnosis.

I'm very fond of Gok Wan and his programme 'how to look good naked'. But I've never felt a need to get my kit off in public to feel good about myself and,  don't worry, I won't be encouraging you to do that either. But what I do love is the journey on an emotional level these women take. Gok is such a nurturer. That's why so many British women think he's lovely.

Before you begin to make changes in your habits, you must first make some changes in your attitudes and how you feel about yourself. This is such a simple thing to do with hypnosis, and we all need a little help sometimes. People often associate weight loss with happiness, but actually I think you've got to find your own happiness inside yourself in order to be able to let go of the weight. So many people are actually holding onto their weight - not always consciously for all kinds of reasons:

  • For protection
  • For defence
  • When we feel stress
  • When we're feeling nervous
  • To fill a void
  • To reward ourselves
  • For a momentary good feeling
  • To punish ourselves for being unhappy

...or whatever else it maybe. Here at Leamington hypnosis I've had lots of experience with helping people manage all kinds of weight problems.

You're in safe hands as over the years I helped people who were 20 stone + as well as many who wanted to shed only 1 or 2 stone.

I do this by tailoring the sessions to your needs and personality. When we put your body back in balance and spring clean out bottled up emotions from your mind, you will never have to diet again. You will learn to eat whatever you desire without guilt and without weight gain. Most importantly you will naturally lose as much weight as is realistically and genetically possible for you at a safe and healthy rate. Liking your body and accepting it for your own unique shape and body type.

I recommend a few books:

  • "Outsmarting the female fat cell" by Debra Waterhouse
  • "Eat right 4 your type" by Dr Peter J D'Adamo

These 2 books alone will kick-start any weight loss, but I found…

  • "The Adam and Eve diet" by Roderick Lane & Sarah Stacey
  • "Eat right for your metabolic type" by Dr Cass Ingram

…filled in a missing gap in my understanding of my body and a must for anybody that has had long term health issues as well as a need to lose weight.

Also I like the attitudes to food in:

  • "Why French women don't get fat" by Mireille Guiliano
  • "101 things to do before you diet" by Mimi Spencer

So do something today and get hold of the top two books in the list, call me on 07863 156392 and come and see me for a free, no obligation chat.

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