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how to get rid of emotional problems, phobias, Nervous Disorders and social anxieties forever!

Analytical HypnotherapyGet Back Control of Your Life
What difference would it make in your life if you could rid yourself of ‘that thing that is inside you but outside of your control’? How would your life change for the better when you are free from your emotional challenges, phobias or social anxieties? Have you been living with something for years that you want to be liberated from?

Have you been to loads of medical specialists and been told that they have no idea what is causing your problem? Have you even been told that your problem is "all in your head"?

If you could read just one article about how to obliterate emotional problems, phobias and social anxieties completely and transform your life then this would be it! After you have read this entire article you will know that you can be released from the hell and torture that you have been living with, that there is a real, tried and tested way of becoming free from the pain that is inside you.

You are about to discover the most successful treatment for sufferers of emotional problems, phobias and social anxieties that exists in the world today. It’s also the best kept secret since it was discovered by a man called Neil French more than 20 years ago.

Do you suffer from any of these unbearable symptoms? If so, then I can help you find the relief you are seeking:

Stammering Depression Panic Attacks
Anxiety Attacks Stress Problems Shyness
Chronic Fatigue Compulsions Blushing
Feeling 'down' Tension and Worry Cutting Yourself
Lack of Confidence Stuttering Insomnia
Burning Yourself Guilt Fear of Judgement
Fear of Humiliation Fear of Embarrassment Feelings of Inferiority
Hot Flushes Shy Bladder 'Toilet' Related Fears
Teeth Grinding Nervous Rashes Bulimia
Anorexia Sexual Problems Impotence
Premature Ejaculation Vaginisimus Low Libido
Poor Self Image Migraines OCD
Fear of Being Sick Skin Disorders Fetishes
Unnatural Sweating Asthma Allergies
Tinnitus Fear Of Intimacy Addictions
Nightmares Fear of Open Spaces Fear of Enclosed Spaces
Compulsions Obsessions Phobias


In fact this revolutionary type of therapy can be applied to any complaint where there is some obvious "Mind Connection" involved.

Here are just a few things that you will learn from reading this article:

  • Why your symptoms may go away with another type of therapy, but may come back in another (even more intolerable) form.
  • The 2 primary purposes for your unconscious mind.
  • What it is that is causing your symptom.
  • How to remove the root cause of your problem and release yourself permanently from it.
  • Why you are wrong if you think you know what caused your problem.
  • Why just 10 hours of Analytical Hypnotherapy is better than 1000 hours of counselling or psycho-therapy.

WARNING:  Don't bother reading any further...
In the next five minutes I will reveal to you how you can resolve ANY emotional problem in just 8 to 12 fifty minute sessions. However there are certain qualities that you need to possess in order for me to be able to help you effectively:

  • TIME: You need to be able to attend 8 to 12 weekly 50 minute sessions. This will take time and commitment.
  • MONEY: You need to have the money to pay for these sessions (at £50 per session it's not cheap)
  • DETERMINATION: Leaving therapy before it's conclusion won't be of much benefit to anyone. So you need to be determined to see it through to the end.
  • SELF DISCIPLINE: You need to possess enough self discipline to follow the simple instructions that I give you.

If you do not have ALL of the above qualities or resources then don't bother wasting your time by reading any further because you don't have what it takes to be free of your problem (at the moment). You would be wasting your time and mine.

Gosh - Does that seem a little harsh? It's kind of refreshing to get some honesty isn't it? I guess you must have all of those qualities because you're still reading this article. Well done, you've started on your road to recovery.

This is an incredible opportunity that has been given to you – but only if you complete your first simple task. Your first task is to read this article in it’s entirety. Please don’t just skim through it because the key to your future emotional health is hidden within this article.

Every Symptom has a cause
Have you ever heard the law that every cause has an effect? Here's a surprising revelation for you: All of the problems listed above are merely SYMPTOMS of an underlying cause. And the really astonishing thing is that you could get rid of the symptom by some method (like drugs, NLP, Suggestion Hypnotherapy, Counselling or whatever) only to find that something else later takes it's place. Another symptom emerges to replace the old one because the root cause of the symptom is still there. The technical term for this is "symptom substitution".

It's a bit like this - have you ever had a stubborn weed in your back garden? You decide that you've had enough of it and so you cut it down and it seems to die. A few weeks or months later the weed is back again. You cut it down again. Again it comes back. You decide to put some weed killer on it. It shrivels up and seems to be gone, but again it comes back because the weed killer didn't get down to the roots. Eventually you dig down and grab the roots, removing the cause of the weed. It never grows back again because the underlying roots have been destroyed. It is gone forever.

Almost all of the therapies that professionals employ "cut back the weed" but do not destroy it's roots. They treat the surface symptom and pat themselves on the back when it disappears. Unfortunately for you (their client), another symptom will grow up again in it's place some time later. It may not even seem to be related - but it is.

Analytical Hypnotherapy - What on earth is that?
There is one extraordinary type of therapy (used by a few hundred therapists around the world) that gets down to the very cause of your problems and helps you to finally remove the roots. It is called Analytical Hypnotherapy or Hypno-Analysis.

Hypno-Analysis is a pleasant, gentle, relaxing process that is totally safe. Before I tell you the astounding way in which Analytical Hypnotherapy works I'm going to reveal to you how your emotional problem, phobia or social anxiety started...

"It all goes back to your childhood" Said the Therapist
I know what you're thinking - "They all say that!". And I can completely understand what you're saying. I found it difficult to swallow too. However, please bear with me for a few moments. Let's chat about that wonderful mind of yours in order to understand how this all started.

There are basically 2 sections to your mind, the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind (sometimes called the Subconscious mind).

The Conscious Mind
The conscious mind loves to think it’s in control. However, it’s not. Let’s face it, if it were then you would have been able to get rid of your problem just by thinking about it on a conscious level. And you can’t can you?

The conscious mind is very analytical – in other words it loves to analyse things. It’s where you make your decisions like “What shall I have for dinner tonight?”. It can only really do one thing at a time. It’s appalling at doing multiple tasks simultaneously. It’s where your short term memories are. It’s where you Will Power is. And it’s quite slow at doing things (compared with the Unconscious mind).

The Unconscious Mind
The unconscious mind is very much like a computer. It runs lots of programs like making your heart beat, helping you walk, helping you to drive, things that you don’t have to think about on a conscious level because they’ve become automatic over the years.

The unconscious mind takes everything literally. It doesn’t know the difference between a real and imagined experience. So if you imagine something vividly enough then the unconscious mind will believe it to be true.

It Remembers Everything...
Your unconscious mind is incredible. It remembers absolutely everything that you’ve been through (from your point of view). It’s all there, stored away. I know this because (using Analytical Hypnotherapy) I can regress you back to your childhood and you can tell us things you thought you’d forgotten.

For example: You must have heard a song on the radio that you haven’t heard for years and years – suddenly all the memories of that time come flooding back and you recall all of the words clearly. It’s not that you’d forgotten them. They were all there, just waiting to emerge when the right button was pressed.

It Generates Emotions...
Emotions are generated by the unconscious mind. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t make a conscious logical decision to feel grumpy do you? Just sometimes you feel that way – you usually don’t know why either. If it was a conscious decision to feel happy or miserable then you could say to someone who is depressed “Cheer up! It’s not all that bad! Look at your nice house, you’ve got a lovely dog too. There’s no reason to be so sad.”

All this may be true, but it doesn’t aid the person who is feeling depressed. They have no real idea why they feel this way. Trying to cheer them up by pointing out all of the good things in their lives doesn’t help. It’s an unconsciously generated state.

It Controls our habits...
Our habits are also controlled by the unconscious mind. When you first start doing something you use your conscious mind to perform the task. Once you’ve practiced and practiced, then eventually your conscious mind says “I can do this now, I don’t want to have to think about this again – here you go…” and it hands the action over to the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind then starts a program running that makes this action automatic. It runs the action over and over again.

Take driving, for example, no matter how good a driver you are now (and I’m sure you’re an excellent driver), when you first started to learn to drive it was hard. You had loads of things to concentrate on. Your conscious mind was trying to look in the mirror, turn on the indicator, turn the steering wheel, put your foot on the pedals and change gears all at the same time. And it found this very difficult because the conscious mind can only really do one thing at a time. However, you practiced and practiced and practiced, repeating the same moves over and over again until your unconscious mind took over the job and driving became easy for you. Now it’s a doddle!

In fact, driving becomes so automatic that if you’re the passenger in a car and the brake lights come on up ahead… you put your foot on the brake! Now, you know that there isn’t a brake in the passenger side of the car, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to stop the car does it? It’s a programmed response to a certain set of conditions.

It Contains your Imagination...
Never underestimate the power of the imagination to create physical changes in our body. Think of this example:

Have you ever been lying in bed at night and heard a noise downstairs? Your partner is snuggled up beside you, the kids are sound asleep… what could the noise be? Could it be a burglar? You strain to listen harder, and start to hear other noises, could they be footsteps coming up the stairs? Your pulse starts to increase, the adrenaline starts to rush around your body, maybe you break out in a sweat, you get scared. Finally you get out of bed and pick up the nearest deadly weapon (usually a shoe or something like that) and creep out of your room. You’re scared witless as you go out into the hallway and are faced with… the cat!

This example is purely fictional.

There was no threat. Although you imagined that there was, and your unconscious mind started chemical reactions all around your body. It made changes to your metabolism even though there was nothing to be scared about. Your imagination changed the way your body works.

Can you see from this how easy it would be for the unconscious mind to create physical symptoms in your body?

The Unconscious Mind's Primary Purpose is to Protect You
Your unconscious mind is designed to protect you. That’s it’s primary directive in life. It’s designed to protect you from two things:

• Physical Danger
• Bad Feelings

Escaping Physical Danger
You must have had the experience of walking out into the road and out-of-nowhere a car hurtles towards you. You don’t have to think “Ooh, I’d better move out of the way of that car!” it just happens. Your unconscious mind reacts rapidly and gets you out of the way of the oncoming vehicle.

Then, once the danger is over, your conscious mind catches up and thinks “Blooming Heck! That guy nearly ran me over…” and shock sets in.

Covering Up Bad Feelings
This is a very interesting bit. Our unconscious mind is designed to protect us from bad feelings. Have you ever heard of someone who has been in a car accident? Sometimes they can remember everything up until a few minutes before the accident. And they remember being in the ambulance after the accident – but they don’t remember what happened in the accident itself!

What’s occurred here is the conscious mind can’t cope with the horror of remembering smashing their face up against the windshield, going through the glass and landing on the road. So to protect the conscious mind from this terrible experience, the unconscious mind grabs that experience, places it in a box (let’s say) and hides it away somewhere deep inside so that it won’t be seen by the conscious mind. It creates what is called a “Repression”.

Lets play a little game. Let’s pretend that you are six years old (now I’m not suggesting for one minute that this actually happened to you). Lets also pretend that you’re at school. Just lately you’ve suffered from a few urine infections and you’re in a classroom. You’ve told the teacher several times that you need to go to the toilet, but he won’t let you because it’s not break time.

You can’t hold on any longer and you wet yourself in front of the whole class. He shouts at you and makes you feel really guilty, and all of your class colleagues call you “smelly pants”. That would be the most awful experience that the six year old child had ever been through wouldn’t it? It would be a horrific experience. It might be so horrific that the conscious mind can’t deal with it and the unconscious mind grabs this experience, bottles it up and locks it away.

This causes a little problem – there were a lot of intense emotions associated with that experience. These emotions have been bottled up. And there has to be some sort of outlet for this bottled up emotion. Over the years this person becomes older and wiser. They have no clue that their unconscious mind has bottled up all this emotion – but they do know that there’s something inside them that is out of their control.

This example is purely fictional.

Perhaps when they are much older they go through a significant emotional experience, perhaps an operation, perhaps a very stressful experience, perhaps they lose a loved one. This experience acts as a trigger, it’s as if it shakes up that box of bottled up emotion and it starts to leak.

Now this leakage could be in the form of a rash of some sort, it could be that the person develops a phobia, they might develop some eating disorder, they might get IBS, they might get back ache, they might start to stutter – in fact there are literally thousands of different ways that the bottled up emotion may manifest itself.

These different afflictions are just a way of safely coping with the emotion that has been bottled up by that child so many years ago, a way of 'letting off steam'.

Releasing That Bottled Up Emotion
In our conscious minds we have difficulty understanding how the unconscious mind works. The unconscious mind works by storing experiences. Each of these experiences is linked to other experiences.

When you are under hypnosis, you are virtually free from interference from the conscious mind. That’s very good news because the conscious mind has it’s own opinions as to what is causing our problems and it’s always wrong! When a psycho-therapist takes a client through analysis, it takes YEARS to get to the root of the problem because the conscious mind is resisting and interfering with the therapy.

Other therapies teach you how to mask, hide, get round, avoid or cope with your problem. Hypno-Analysis resolves your problem - permanently.

With Analytical Hypnotherapy you can get to the root cause of the problem within 10 to 12 sessions (sometimes sooner, it depends a lot on the person) purely because you are mostly bypassing the conscious mind and it is not interfering with the process. Hypnosis is used as a tool to do this.

This process enables you to easily release the bottled up emotions that have been causing you so many problems over the years.

How Analytical Hypnotherapy Works...
I help you release those bottled up emotions and I do this by helping you to go safely and comfortably into hypnosis. Then I ask you to allow a ‘random’ experience to pop into your mind. You recount this experience to me, letting go of any stray emotions that may be attached to it.

After this the you will imagine yourself linking and connecting this experience to another experience (which again will pop into your mind). To you these experiences may seem unrelated. So the process continues. Linking an experience, letting go of any bottled up emotion, link and connect to another experience and so on and so on.

Now a very interesting thing will happen. After a few sessions, an experience or an impression will pop into the your mind that does not seem to be something that is real. You will then relate this experience to me and think no more upon the subject, linking and connecting to the next experience. Then later, another phantom experience will appear, you will be convinced that you are making this up. But again you link and connect to the next experience.

Eventually more and more of these ‘rogue’ experiences will reveal themselves. And, at last, the full picture will be exposed. The jigsaw puzzle will be completed. You will then be able to see what has been causing your symptom for the past number of years. You will experience a marvellous feeling of enlightenment and surprise. Releasing all of the guilt and emotion that you had bottled up and you will finally be totally free of your symptoms, able to live your life to the full.

You are able to deal with the experience as a fully grown adult because of all the knowledge, understanding and wisdom you have gained over the years. In fact the event that caused your problems will probably seem very insignificant indeed!

It’s an incredible process to behold. I’ve personally seen many ‘miracles’ through this wonderful progressive method.

Why should anyone have to suffer something that is 'inside them but outside of their control' when they can know the peace that comes from releasing the cause of these feelings?

You Can't Shock Me!
I've heard it all before! There's nothing that you could tell me in hypno-analysis that I have not already heard. I am completely non-judgemental. In the sessions I take no notes, and make no records of any kind. Everything you tell me is completely and utterly confidential.

That means you have no worries about me talking to anyone about your experiences. In fact I create a warm, trusting, non-judgemental, stress free, safe and secure environment that will help you to unload your problems and find blessed relief from the burdens that you are carrying.

Get 1000 Hours of Therapy in Just 10 Hours!
Normal psycho-therapy or psycho-analysis uses a method called "Free Association" to get to the root cause of someone's problem. It is very unsuccessful. It takes thousands of hours to drill down to the origin of the problem! It costs an absolute fortune! The clients have to dredge up every horrible event that has ever happened to them, which can be very traumatic. All in all the success rates are extremely low and it is a very cruel way of trying to help someone.

The reason why conventional therapy does not work is quite simple: the conscious mind gets in the way of finding the root cause of your problem. With Hypnosis this problem is erased. It becomes so much easier to remember things, and much easier to talk about experiences while in a calm relaxed state.

Hypno-Analysis is a gentle, fast and effective therapy. It lasts between 8 and 12 sessions. You get further in those few hours than you could with thousands of hours of conventional therapy or counselling. With massively better, permanent results. Hypno-Analysis is non-invasive and non-intellectual, you don't have to be clever or intellectual to do it. It's a simple process that anyone can do.

Look at the Benefits
What will you do with your life when you experience all of the benefits of this excellent therapy?

  • You will gain freedom from your emotional problem, phobia or social anxiety - Permanently.
  • You will feel better inside and feel more confident in yourself, you will feel empowered.
  • You will gain control over your life.
  • You will have more choices in life. You won't be driven to repeat certain actions over and over again.
  • You will be more emotionally stable! You will better be able to cope with relationships.
  • You will be less susceptible to illness and anxiety.
  • You will be full of energy and feel more enthusiastic about life.
  • You will feel rejuvenated! As if a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
  • You will get a greater mental and emotional freedom.
  • You will get a sense of well-being and alertness not achieved since childhood.
  • You will feel happier with yourself and with the world around you.

Now Comes the Tricky Part...
As you sit there reading this I know that you're thinking about how wonderful it's going to be when you're free from your problem. However, I have to warn you that I cannot guarantee that I will be able to see you, even if you wanted to book a series of appointments.

I only see ten clients each week, that's how many hours a week I choose to work. When all ten slots are filled up then I put my potential future clients on a waiting list. This list can become very long and sometimes people can end up waiting up to 6 months to see me.

I am also based in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire (United Kingdom). Which is impractical for some people to travel to. If you live too far away to see me then please get in touch with me and I can probably recommend one of my colleagues in your area. Contact me on 07863 156392 (24 hour voicemail) or email me on 

Act Now and Get a FREE Half Hour Consultation
Before I take anyone on for this therapy I always give them a FREE half hour consultation. The purpose of this is to make sure that you have the qualities described at the top of this web page and have the personality to complete the analysis once you have started.

I only see 3 people per week for this initial consultation. So ACT NOW or you may find you have to wait months before seeing me. You can secure your free half hour session by calling us on 07863 156392 and leaving your contact details or by emailing me on 

How Much is All This Worth to You?
The cost of this therapy varies depending on the number of sessions that you need to get to the root cause of your anxiety. Each session costs £50. So if you were to go through 10 sessions that would be a total of £500!  That's about the same price as putting your car in for some repairs... but with life transforming results.

The question that you need to ask yourself is this: What is the cost to me if I were to continue living with this problem? Is it worth the money to get rid of this problem for good? Only you can answer that question. If you find that it is worth the investment in yourself then call me on 07863 156392 and leave your contact details or email me on 

Don't delay or you may find that you miss out on this opportunity for freedom.


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