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help for children and teenagers - the 'blowaway' technique

Contact Rebecca Bedford, Hypnotherapist in Leamington Sap, WarwickshireIs your child suffering?
Does your child suffer from any of the symptoms shown below? Are they withdrawn or feeling down? Does your child want to be liberated from their problem?

I can help your child with...

Anxiety Stress Sadness Bedwetting
Obsessional Behaviours Self Harming Tendencies Loneliness Eating Disorders
Anorexia Bulimia Nightmares Phobias
Enuresis Thumb Sucking Extreme Shyness Stuttering/Stammering

The Blowaway Technique
I specialise in helping your child or teenager with a gentle, safe, unobtrusive, non-talking therapy called the Blowaway Technique. We can literally blow away your child’s inner fears and worries with this simple and easy to do therapy that has rapid life-changing results. If you think it sounds simple that’s because it IS, but at the same time it is remarkably effective.

This technique gets it’s name from helping the child or teenager to take deep breaths and ‘blow’ away their anxieties and other negative emotions while they are safely in a comfortable state of relaxation and hypnosis.

Children often find it difficult to express how they feel and so this non-verbal therapy is ideal for them. They can get relief from their problem without having to struggle to find the words that fit what they are experiencing.

In just one hour we can help your child look forward to the future they deserve, leaving behind the dark clouds that are holding them back and becoming liberated from their difficulty.

Contact Rebecca Bedford, Hypnotherapist in Leamington Sap, WarwickshireAt my hypnotherapy practices in Leamington, Rugby and Knowle I use this method to transform the lives of children and teenagers between the ages of 7 to 17. Any children I treat under the age of 16 are always accompanied by a parent or guardian, who I positively encourage to join in with the fun of the session.

This hypnotic treatment usually takes only one sitting (occasionally two) and is specifically designed to help remove a child’s emotional blockage and enable them to continue to progress and be the best they can possibly be – releasing their physical symptoms on the way.

Once this emotional obstacle has been removed the child will experience a huge reduction in stress and anxiety which will produce a boost in their confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Please phone if you’d like to arrange a free half hour chat so you can ask any questions and set your mind at ease about either me, or the therapy.


Dear Rebecca

Thanks  you so much for your time and help. Your manner put my son at ease straight away.  James’ migraines have practically disappeared.  He was getting 3 to 4 a week.

He’s only had 1 headache in the last month.

Consequently, his attendance at school has greatly improved.


Paul, Leamington Spa

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