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    WHAT our clients have said...
  Collette Brown, A Nursing Support Worker said:
"I was amazed how easy it was!"
I Stopped Smoking Easily!"I smoked for 19 years. I decided to make my life positive, and this was one of the changes my life needed. So I decided to use hypnosis, as I heard that this was the best and easiest method.

I was amazed at how easy it was to stop smoking with hypnosis, it only took ONE HOUR that was all it took, and it was so easy. I realised my entire cigarette addiction was in my head. I now have no desire and no urge for a cigarette.

Every aspect of the my programme was upbeat and positive, and was personalised for me. Everyone tells me I look vibrant, I feel it and they can see it. I handle stress easily, without even thinking about cigarettes.

I can’t really express my feelings about how I feel, believe me it was worth every penny, for the new positive, smoke free life that I now enjoy."
  Allan Smith from Rochester, Kent said:
"I am Delighted to be a Non-Smoker!"
I'm Delighted to be a Non-Smoker!“I am writing to you because it is now one year since I had my session of hypnosis... I am delighted to still be a non-smoker. After smoking 30 to 40 cigarettes a day for 45 years, that one session stopped it dead.

I no longer wheeze and cough and I am two and a half thousand pounds a year better off. Nor do I have to go out in the cold and rain to have a cigarette! I can smell a smoker at a hundred yards, but being with smokers doesn't bother me.

When I came to you I had tried anti-smoking tablets, patches, Zyban and of course will-power. I was, like many others, highly sceptical of hypnotherapy on the basis that if that lot didn't work, why should hypnosis? I am happy to say that I was proved wrong and have not looked back.”
  Eunice S. smoked 25 a day for 40 years...
"It Was Fantastic!"
“I felt excellent! It was fantastic. My health improved and I wasn’t so stressed… I think the fags were making me stressed. I suffer from stress, but the fags had been making things worse. That tape you gave me really helped to reduce the stress in my life. Everywhere used to smell and it doesn’t anymore, money-wise I’ve become a lot better off, we totted it up the other day and I was spending £35 a week easily on fags. I have now bought some wonderful things for myself, things that I’ve always wanted. And you know what? It’s wonderful going into restaurants and saying ‘Non-Smoking please’!”
  Dave S. smoked 30 a day for 28 years...
"I Felt Brilliant!"
“I felt brilliant after the session. I felt really good, I felt free. It’s fantastic to be a non-smoker. I threw my cigarettes away and chucked my ash trays in the bin. I know hypnosis works. I’ve even taken up cycling again now that I have more energy."
  Garry M. smoked 20 a day for 34 years...
"I Had No Withdrawal Symptoms"
“I had no withdrawal symptoms or cravings. People smoking around me didn’t bother me at all.”
  Andrea W. smoked 15 a day for 14 years...
"It Was Brilliant"
“It was brilliant, I felt better, slept better, and the kids were a lot happier too – I think that’s because I was sleeping a lot better. I could smell things a lot better as well.”
  Brian G. smoked 20 a day for 24 years...
"It Was Unbelievably Easy"
“I found it so easy it was unbelievable, in fact it was too easy! I don’t wake up coughing at night, in the mornings my nose is clear, it used to be bunged up but it’s not anymore. And my skin feels, I know this might sound a bit stupid, but it feels softer. My circulation has improved. I feel really good, really good in myself.”
  John P. smoked 20 a day for 15 years...
"I Now Feel In Control"
“I now feel a lot of confidence, my confidence is sky high. I now feel in control of everything in my life. When I used to smoke I felt tired all the time, now I don’t."
  Joanne T. smoked 20 a day for 17 years...
"I Have More Money"
“I felt brilliant. I thought about the possibility of smoking and realised that I didn’t actually want one anymore. I have more money and I don’t smell of smoke anymore, my actual sense of smell has improved too. My cough went very quickly. That tape you sent me was great, it really helped me to relax – I think I’ll wear it out in a few months!”
  Christine E. smoked 20 a day for 20 years...
"I Feel a Lot Better For It"
“After I left I didn’t want a cigarette, I feel a lot fitter and have lots more money. I suffer from high acid levels in my stomach, the acid would build up and burn my throat, smoking would aggravate this a lot, I’m not sure why. It took about six weeks to calm down and now I don’t get pains from stomach acid any more, I feel a lot better for it.” 
  Peter B. smoked 30 a day for 27 years...
"I was as Happy as Larry!"
“After the session I felt absolutely wonderful. I had an unfinished pack of cigarettes in the car, normally when I get into my car I’d have a cigarette straight away, but I didn’t want one. I breezed off home as happy as Larry. I had absolutely no desire for a cigarette at all.” 
  Mike A. smoked 35 a day for 34 years...
"It's the Best I've Felt in Ages!"
“Now I’m a non-smoker it’s the best I’ve felt for ages, I feel quite elated, like there’s a spring in my step. I went to a wedding, it didn’t bother me at all that everyone was smoking. It is absolutely amazing, I can run up and down my steps without gasping and it’s great to have the house smoke free. I’ve been putting the money aside, because money was the biggest incentive for me, and I’ve already bought some new clothes. I feel so much better in myself.” 
  Elaine T. smoked 20 a day for 60 years...
"Other Ways of Stopping Smoking
were Sheer Hell!"
“Well it is now quite a few weeks since I had my session of hypnosis with you so here is a note to let you know that I am still a non-smoker. I would like to thank you for all your help. Life is truly wonderful at the moment! My cough eased right off within a few weeks. I even had someone come round to help me with some stuff on the computer who chain smokes, I sat beside him while he chain smoked and it didn’t bother me in the slightest. I didn’t want a cigarette at all. Every other time I’ve given up smoking with other methods life was sheer hell, I just had this craving all the time, which was gone completely when you sorted me out. I’ve sung your praises to so many people, I really have!” 
  Terry R. smoked 30 a day for 27 years...
"My Finances Have Improved!"
“I felt really good after the session. I didn’t really feel as if anything had changed, to tell you the truth at first I didn’t think it had worked. I thought I’d walk out of the practice and light a fag up – but something just told me not to – I can’t explain it. I found it really easy, really easy. I think it’s been too easy really! Obviously my finances have improved, I’ve noticed the difference, I can now go on a few more holidays each year. In the mornings I feel a lot better, when I wake up I’m not coughing. People say I look better, yes, my skin (I don’t really notice it), but they tell me my skin looks healthier.” 
  Geoff F. smoked 20 a day for 20 years...
"I've Got More Energy!"
“I stopped smoking and I drank loads of water. What was a shock for me was that when I was at work and under the most pressure I was having a glass of water! I’ve been drinking loads and loads of water. Smoking is a horrible habit. I have more life in me, I’ve got more energy, I’ve been taking the dog for a walk and stuff like that and getting more exercise. I’m looking forward to being able to run around with my new-born son when he gets bigger.” 
how to stop smoking in one hour!

Stop Smoking in Just One HourJust Imagine For a Few Seconds...
What would it be like to be a non-smoker? How would it feel? You can be totally FREE from being controlled by cigarettes by using this revolutionary unique combination of NLP and Hypnosis... it requires no drugs, it's totally safe, it's simple and easy!

Why Don't People Stop Smoking?
Most people know all of the benefits that they will gain by stopping smoking, so why do they continue to smoke? Experience gained in the UK and the USA shows that the answer is the same all over the world. It all comes down to one thing - FEAR.

  • Fear that you'll have to give up your crutch or pleasure.
  • Fear that you won't be able to enjoy life or handle stress.
  • Fear that you will put on weight.
  • Fear that you'll have to go through an awful trauma to get free.
  • Fear that you'll never get completely free of the craving.

All of these fears are just examples of one overriding fear. The one simple reason that you have not stopped smoking is that you FEAR THAT IT IS GOING TO BE TOO PAINFUL AND TOO DIFFICULT to stop.

Hypnosis Makes It Easy!
The unique hypnosis techniques that we use make it easy for you stop stop smoking in only one hour. You will leave the session a happy non-smoker! Not feeling deprived, not feeling that you've made a sacrifice, not feeling any pain. Instead you'll have a huge sense of relief and elation that you have at last achieved what all smokers long to achieve, you have become a happy, permanent non-smoker!

When smokers try to stop with other methods they suffer misery and depression caused by the feeling that they are being deprived of a pleasure or a crutch. The beauty of hypnosis, and the way we use hypnosis in particular, is that it removes this feeling of deprivation. It removes the need and the desire to smoke. You will find that:

  • You WON'T need useless aids, gimmicks or substitutes.
  • You WON'T need nicotine gum.
  • You WON'T need patches.
  • You WON'T need inhalers or nasal sprays.
  • You WON'T need Zyban.
  • You WON'T need needles.
  • You WON'T need lasers.

All you'll need to do is sit down in a nice comfortable chair and relax... it doesn't get much easier than that!

Do You Want to Stop?
No one can make you do what you don't want to, but if you really want to stop smoking then we can help you. Here are just some of the benefits you will get from stopping smoking with this Neuro-Hypnosis method:

  • You will be able to feel proud of yourself as you finally take control of your life rather than letting cigarettes control you. You will also be able to control other aspects of your life that you thought were out of your control!
  • You will be able to stop smoking easily and painlessly in a relaxing manner
  • You WON'T experience cravings or anxiety.
  • You will have lots more money and will be able to afford to buy something nice for yourself (like new clothes), you might even be able to buy yourself a new car with the money you save or maybe even go on the holiday of a lifetime like some of our clients have done!
  • You WON'T put on any excess weight by substituting unhealthy things for cigarettes.
  • You will have the joy of being able to hold your child or grandchild close and tell them "I'm a non-smoker!" and watch the excitement in their eyes. You will be able to watch them grow up and be there for them.
  • You will experience a greater level of fitness and health that you've not had for a long time. You will have more energy to do the things you want to do.
  • You will get less of those nasty coughs and colds. And if you do get a cough or a cold it won't drag on for months and months like it did when you were a smoker.
  • You will be able to get to the top of a flight of steps and be able to breath! Rather than gasping for oxygen and holding onto the railing, struggling for air. Your breathing will become easier and easier.
  • You will be greatly reducing the risk of dying from some horrible cancer or disease that's related to smoking.
  • You won't be nagged anymore by your kids, partner, Doctor, parents or friends to stop smoking. It will be a big relief not to be under pressure any more.
  • You will be rid of the inconvenience of smoking. You will be able to get a lot more done with all of the extra time on your hands that you used to spend poisoning yourself with cigarettes.
  • You will be able to smell clean and fresh and no longer worry about the way your breath, your hair, your clothes, your furniture, your house, or your curtains stink of smoke.
  • You won't be forced to stand around outside in the freezing cold and rain while all of your family and friends are inside in the warm taking the mickey out of you for being so anti-social.
  • You will look younger and slow down the ageing process. Your skin tone will improve, your teeth will be whiter and your hair will look more lustrous.

Powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming Takes Hypnosis to the Next Level
We use a unique, powerful combination of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (which is a fairly new science) and Hypnosis that has been finely tuned and streamlined.

That means you can walk into our practice as a smoker and walk out a non-smoker in just over an hour.

This also means that you don't have the hassle and inconvenience of coming back for multiple sessions. All it takes is one session.

Doctors Referral Network Helps us to Help You
You may have been directed to this site by your local Doctor. We have corresponded with more than 200 Doctors over the last few years and regularly receive referrals from some of them. Doctor's love to hear when their patients have stopped smoking. What that means to you is that we are starting to get the credit and credibility we deserve from recognised organisations and more and more people are stopping smoking in this incredible manner.

Hypnosis Responsible for 940 out of 1000 People Stopping Smoking abd Remaining so After 18 Months
The shocking thing about that heading is that this hypnosis experiment was done in the late 1960's by Doctor Von Delanroth. He took 1000 "tobacco maniacs" who wanted to stop smoking and hypnotised them. He then kept track of them for 18 months and checked to see how many of them had resumed smoking. Astoundingly 94% of them had remained non-smokers.

Hypnosis has been approved by the British medical Association for therapeutic aid since the 1950's! It has been proven to be 100% safe with no adverse side effects whatsoever.

The system used by Doctor Von Delanroth is the same system that we use and we've made some excellent enhancements in the last 30 or more years!

Will Hypnosis Work For You?
Of course it will! Everybody can be hypnotised. If it didn't work we wouldn't be able to give a Lifetime Guarantee. Hypnosis always works in the hands of a trained professional. Not only will it work, but it will be easy to stop.

It's when you pay cheap prices to see an under trained, poorly qualified and inexperienced hypnotherapist that it may not work.

That's why all of the hypnotherapists that we use are highly trained and experienced. They have to pass very stringent exams to get qualified and are committed to ongoing training each year in order to remain with us.

Is Smoking Worth The Risk?

  • 120,000 people die each year in the UK from smoking related illnesses
  • That's 330 every single day!
  • 50% of smokers die prematurely.
  • Smokers in their 30's and 40's are FIVE TIMES more likely to have a Heart Attack.

So that means that if you offer a cigarette to a friend of yours, statistically speaking one of you will die prematurely.

The good news is that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself and it's never too late to enjoy some benefit from stopping smoking. Some of our clients have been in their late 70's and have enjoyed immense health improvements.

Most of the damage that has been done to your body can be reversed.

How to Get an Extra Ten Years of Life
An average smoker on 2 packs of cigarettes a day spends about 1,460,000 minutes smoking in a 20 year period. This amounts to 24,320 hours. Which is about 1000 days. In other words a smoker will spend 2 and three quarter years smoking in any 20 year period. Over 40 years that's 5 years of life! Imagine what you could do with an extra 5 years of time!

Also, it has been proven that a lifetime of smoking will reduce your life span by 5 years. So by stopping you can reverse the effects and get back those years.

So that's 5 years of extra life by using your time to do other things, and 5 years of increased life span by stopping smoking... that's a total of ten years of extra life that you can enjoy with your friends and family! Not to mention the extra health you will enjoy during those years. And all it takes is a one hour investment!

How to Get an Extra £10,000 Cash in the Next 4 Years - Tax Free!
Stopping smoking is the best investment you could ever make! That's right - I said investment. The average smoker smokes between 20 and 40 cigarettes a day. Let's call that 30 cigarettes a day to keep the maths simple.

So if someone smokes 30 a day and cigarettes cost about £5 a pack then that means that they are spending £7.50 per day, every single day of their lives. That's more than £2700.00 per year! Over a period of 4 years that amounts to £10,800! What could you do with an extra £10,000 every four years that you don't have to pay tax on? You could go on a wonderful luxury holiday, you could buy a new car, you could get the kids some great gifts, you could buy yourself loads of things!

Over a lifetime of smoking that adds up to more than £100,000! That's at the current price of cigarettes and, let's face it, they're not getting any cheaper are they? What could you do with all that extra cash?

How to get 915% Return on an Investment in one Year
This stop smoking program is the best financial investment you will ever make in your life! It costs £197... which isn't cheap but when you stop and think about it, is an amazing investment. If you were to invest £197 in a bank savings account and left it for a year then (at 5% interest) you'd earn about £8.50 (after tax deductions) - that's nothing to get excited about is it?

By investing in this program an average smoker will get their investment back within 30 days! That's a 100% return on their original amount in one month! Over a year you will get back 915% on your original investment, tax free!

Read on to discover how to get a massive £50.00 off a Stop Smoking session and how to get a FREE gift worth £20.00!

Cheaper Hypnotherapist - Is it Worth the Risk?
Of course you can go out and spend £60 on a cheaper hypnotherapy session, but just think for a moment... why are they charging so little? Usually it's because they're inexperienced, under-qualified or just not confident that what they're doing actually works.

If they're quoting a 95% success rate to you then you'll probably find that that's people who never come back again - NOT people who they know have stopped completely and permanently! There's a big difference.

What's the alternative?
Well, you could try Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). However there are many side effects such as:

  • Skin irritation.
  • Skin damage.
  • Indigestion.
  • Nightmares.

Also, the biggest survey carried out on 72,000 people regarding Nicotine Replacement Therapy (by the New Scientist Journal in 1992) showed that 80-90% of people went back to smoking after a few months. The success rate was incredibly low. The opening comments in this report stated "Hypnotherapy is the most effective way of stopping smoking..."

Furthermore NRT may cause problems if you are:

  • Pregnant.
  • Breast Feeding.
  • Suffering from an active peptic ulcer.
  • Suffer from angina, high blood - pressure, heart problems etc.
  • Have hyperthyroidism.
  • Have diabetes mellitus.

So why bother with NRT? Why not stop smoking the easiest way that there is?

A Very Special Offer !
If you email me on or by calling me on 07863 156392 (leave your name, address and telephone number if out of office hours) we’ll give you a massive £50 off the price of a Stop Smoking Session!

This makes the price incredible value at only £147 – which is astounding value for money! You need to act quickly though in order to take advantage of the special price. If you miss the deadline then you’ll have to pay the full price of £197.

Act NOW or You Might Miss Out...
Our diary fills up rapidly and you may have to go on a waiting list. To avoid disappointment and having to wait a few months email me now while this is fresh in your mind, or call me on my direct line (017863 156392) and you can look forward to to the joy and liberation of being a permanent non-smoker!

My very best wishes to you,

Rebecca Bedford

ACT NOW in order to enjoy all the benefits of stopping smoking easily. That will make the cost for an appointment only £147, saving yourself a massive £50! Do it today! Email me now on or call me on my mobile (07863 156392 - leave your name, address and telephone number if I'm seeing clients).


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