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  How I overcame my fear of flying with hypnotherapy...

I Overcame my Fear Of Flying with HypnosisPeter Hubbard's True Story
I am an IT consultant who's job requires them to fly all over the globe. In the past 12 months I have been to Slovenia, Ireland, Dubai and Spain multiple times. It worked out that I was catching a flight every 10 days.

I have an irrational fear of flying and it steadily got worse the more I flew. I would sit white faced and clutch the arms of my chair each time the slightest quiver ran through the plane and spent all my time silently begging the trip to be over. The fear and panic would start several days before I flew as I started to anticipate the upcoming ordeal and I would spend the time getting progressively worse and worse as the take off got nearer and nearer.

I bought some herbal calming tablets and tried those to see if they would influence me but could not detect any difference between taking the pills and not. The same fears would still assail me, before I got on the plane and while I was there. Ruining any attempt to relax while I was away because I knew that I would have to get back on the plane again and fly home.

A friend of mine introduced me to hypnotherapy and explained some of the details about how it works. I decided that anything was worth a shot so booked myself an appointment with a registered hypnotherapist to see if anything could be done.

The lady was charm itself and welcomed me in and sat me down and explained to me exactly what would happen. I would lie down on a comfy couch (Or sit as I preferred) with some headphones on. The headphones played soothing music while she would talk to me. I could sleep or doze or listen as I chose as it was all the same to her. She was not speaking to my conscious mind, but my subconscious one where the fear lived.

The session itself took about an hour and was very relaxing. She spoke without haste in a calm authoritative manner, asking me to visualize certain images, such as a mountain side or descending down steps. After about 45 minutes of this when I was very relaxed she spoke to my
subconscious about the reasons why flying were not to be feared. I was fully conscious the whole time and listened as she explained why flying was a natural fear, how safe it was and the fact that a flight should be seen as a chance to relax away from pressures of the outside world. At the end of the session she advised I should have one more as a 'booster' the following week and we arranged it.

The same course was followed the next week and she once again helped me to relax.

The following Sunday I had a 7 hour flight to Dubai for work. Normally I would have been a nervous wreck by Thursday and unbearable by Sunday. This time I was calm and relaxed. I boarded the plane and took off with only a minor twinge of unease, swiftly stifled.

A 7 hour flight would have killed me previously, this time when we encountered turbulence instead of freezing to the spot in panic my only reaction was to frown that the bouncing was interfering with me watching the in flight movie.

I still get a little nervous at the prospect of flying but it is so much better and so much easier to control now I have had hypnotherapy and I urge all those who are similarly afflicted to try it themselves!

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